Faunus disappeared through the Winter of 2006-2007 but
he came by in March of '07 to show us his budding horns.
budding horns 2

The little bumps may have been kind of annoying, though
he was very calm and allowed us a close look.

budding horns

Check it out: he's finally tall enough to eat out
of the birdfeeder.
birdfeeder faunus

Sometimes we may attribute moods to him. We don't really
know what he thinks of us but I took a couple of pictures
and PhotoShopped an animated demonstration of his "feelings".
here to see it.

A few weeks later, in May '07, Faunus came by again, this
time sporting a lovely sophomore year set of velvety horns.
faunus5=07 1

He brought along a travelling pal, a timid buck we called Buddy.
Buddy just stared in amazement from a distance as Faunus
walked right up and licked the salt block, as though to say,
"I didn't know you could DO that!!???"

Faunus and Buddy 5-07

His horns are still growing. Probably won't lose their fuzz
and get hard until Dating Season next fall.

faunus5=07 2

He let me scratch his head and pull his ears. The horns
felt curiously warm. They probably have lots of blood
coursing through, building the structure within.


He even stuck his head in the door to say, "What's going on in here?"
faunus5=07 3

We wonder what the next chapter will bring?