Faunus All Alone-us

Mother Flora, and twins Fauna, and Faunus were quite a trio throughout Spring and foggy Summer of 2005, but as Fall approached, Flora and Fauna went off on their own, probably to the forested slopes of Mount Tamalpais, leaving little Faunus to wander about on his own.
morning fog and family400w

At first Faunus tried to make friends with the other visitors at our house, like the Quail, who visited every few days.

Very curious about the Other Occupants, once Faunus actually walked in our open front door.
faunus xmas visit 05400w

For a several weeks in the Winter/Spring of 05/06, Faunus befriended a lonely pregnant doe, but she eventually ditched him to have her own babies.
Faunus and GF400w

And he started getting bumps on his forehead...
bumpy Faunus400w

Throughout the Spring of 2006 Faunus' horns were growing and his familiarity with the Other Occupants grew...
fuzzy night400w

At first he was too small to rob the birdfeeder as his mom had done, so he befriended Kadi to the point that she would let him eat seeds out of the birdfeeder filling cup.


Faunus did eventually learn to stand up on his hind legs like a kangaroo to clean out the birdfeeder.

faunus UP crop400w

As the Spring of '06 turned to Summer, Faunus' horns lost their fuzz, grew sharp, and he became a handsome young teen-buck.
YM Faunus400w

A handsome young buck who loves his birdseed...