Around the Fourth of July, 2007, Faunus came by to show
us that his horns were really getting big, but they were still
fuzzy and soft and he was just as friendly as ever to Kadi.
SM-kadi and faunus 7-2

He even let Tom scratch his head to say goodbye as we
went off to New England for a short vacation.

SM-tom and faunus 7-2

But when we returned we found a new Faunus, sans fuzz.
SM-Big Horn side

The new Faunus had been scrubbing his head against trees
and rocks to get the fuzz off, and he had a bumped nose.
Or maybe he had been fighting with his older pal, Buddy.
SM-nose bump

The horns are hard, boney, and sharp.
SM-Horns close up

We've decided that it is not a good idea to get too close
when he comes to visit. If he was startled and jumped
unexpectedly, he could really hurt you, even though it
wasn't intentional. And he can REALLY jump!

Kadi watched in amazement through the window as he
grazed in the front yard, using his new sharp horns to lift
up the matted grass and dried wild onion stalks. She grabbed
her camera and shot a few stills, and then remembered
that her tiny Canon Elph shoots movies, too. She could not
believe what she captured next, and you won't either...

Here to see her movie.