Deer Diary...
Three Year's of Deer in Mill Valley


We thought this tiny baby fawn had been abandoned in March, 2005.
It turned out that the mother had just hidden it in our yard
while she caught a bit of shut eye.

Imagine Kadi's surprise when the next day she found out that
there were TWINS!!
classic twin shot.JPG

And rambunctious twins, at that. Well, the male is rambunctious... leaper.JPG

No wonder the nursing mom needs an occassional lie-down; she's exhausted!
tired mom2.JPG

Here's the trio practicing "not being seen".
Mom and twins.JPG
At first the twins stayed near mom for food...
nursing 06400w

...but after a month, they were weaned, and would nibble everything in sight. They'd visit right outside our dining room window and so we get good photo ops of the trio.

Mom discovered our bird feeder and comes daily to help herself. Kadi put out a salt lick for them and a dishpan full of water in case they get thirsty:
mom at feeder

The fawns love the salt block and the water.
fawn at feeder

They got more adventurous daily, but they still would have to come back and check in with Mom.grooming

Mother Flora, sister Fauna, and brother Faunus were very close all through the Summer of 2005.
trio 05400w

Mackerel the Cat got to know them all, too.
here to see a movie of Mackerel and Baby Faunus.