Deer Diary...

Three Years of Deer in Mill Valley

We thought this tiny baby fawn had
been abandoned year before last (March, 2005).
here to see the story.

Faunus got lonely after his mom and sister, Flora and Fauna,
left him behind in the Fall of 2005.
here to see his Winter and Spring adventures.

faunus sees his future400w
It's Dating Season 2006. Faunus sees his future.
here to see that chapter.

unicorn visit400w
Faunus became a Unicorn in the Fall of '06!
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faunus5=07 2
Faunus disappeared through the Winter of 2006 but
he showed up again in March of '07 to show us his
budding horns, and later in May '07 with this lovely
sophomore year velvety set.
here to see that chapter!

SM-Big Horn side
We came back from a short vacation to find a
real buck waiting for us!
here to see that chapter!

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